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Multiway preflop GTO solutions for NLHE Poker

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Ranges for Raise First In, 3bet, 4bet, 5bet, cold 3bet, cold 4bet, flat vs RFI, flat multiway, squeeze instantly browsable.

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FREE SBvsBB Preflop GTO tree solved

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Stop making -EV preflop plays

In recent years rakeback for regular players has been cut down near to 0%, making rake you're 1st enemy to beat at the tables. Rake can affect very hard correct play and most solutions available in the market are designed for NL500z structure, which is not suitable for small stakes and environments with a high rake.

  • Solved for exact rake structure

    Rake can impact dramatically corret play, esplecially when defending vs raise or 3bet; all solutions are solved taking into account rake for the exact stakes you play

  • Available with more then one RFI size

    Other then rake, RFI size also impact significantly preflop play, GTO solutions will allow you stop over folding/over defending specially from blinds

  • Complete browsable Trees

    You will have the possibilty to explore the entire games tree, knowing GTO ranges from RFI to Cold 4bet/broke for every position

  • Cheapest solution of the market

    Thanks to the new Simple Preflop Solver, solving multiway preflop poker had become faster and reliable, allowing us to provide a great amount of different solutions, even for small stakes player who can't afford buying a high-end PC and a solver licence


Do I need expensive software to use these solutions?

No, all solutions can be viewed with Simple Preflop Hodelm, you can download for free here; a guide how to open the solutions is included.

How accurate are these solutions?

All solutions are computed with 10k/100k/100k texture and had run to 100 iterations/node.

Please see products description for more details

Can I modify solutions and solve my own trees into Simple Preflop Holdem?

Yes of course, but you need to buy a licence before being able to calculate your own trees and also an high-end performarce PC

I've bought a single solution tree with one RFI size, can I upgrade to a complete package?

Yes, the upgrade is always available; send us an e-mail on our address and we will provide bonus code to get a discount to buy a complete package of the amount you paid for the single pack.