Get SBvsBB FREE Preflop GTO Solution for NL50/100 rake

6max NLHE 100bb cash game - 2.5bb RFI - rake NL100

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What you will find in this pack:

- Complete preflop game tree solved for 6max cash game for 2.5bb RFI size for NL100 rake structure (5% cap 2.5bb/2.5$)

Tree structure :

RFI 3bet IP 3bet OOP 4bet IP 4bet OOP Cold 4bet IP
2.5bb 3.2x 4x SB, 4.4x BB 2.35x vs SB, 2.23x vs BB 2.75x 2.5x
Cold4bet OP Squeeze 4bet IP vs Squeeze SB RFI BBvsSB 3bet SBvsBB 4bet
2.75x 5x 2.12x 3bb 3x 2.65x

Example: UTG open 2.5bb, MP 3bet 8bb, UTG 4bet 22bb, MP call/fold/5bet shove


- only BTN and BB are allowed to flat call vs a raise; calling ranges from SB/MP/CO are so narrow that removing them will not end up in an EV loss; this is also valid for cold call vs 3bets and 4bets

- all solutions are as a NL1000 game, 10chips = 1bb

- Solution tree is computed with 10k/100k/100k texture and 100 iterations/node:

- Postflop metrics:

How to use the solution:

After payment complete, you will receive a download link with an order confirmation and also an e-mail in order to get the solution. To be able to browse the tree you need to download (for free) Simple Preflop Holdem here, a guide on how to open the solution is included.